All of the Concert Square Venues – Restaurants, Bars, Sports, Clubs, Music, Cocktails, Burgers, Pints, Breakfast, Pool, Snooker, Live Football and More.

With the amount of venues in Concert Square, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular place to be. Very few cities are able to provide the experiences that the square. You can have a pint in McCooleys and be having a Cocktail in SOHO’s in no time (providing there’s no queues!)

If you’re coming to the square for a casual drink, an all nighter or anything in between there’s something in this part of Liverpool for everyone.

If you fancy a chilled out experience with a drink, try SOHO. It has a large outdoor area and an extensive drinks & cocktails menu.

Click on the below venues to find out more information. These are just a few of those available in and around the square!