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Dine on delicious food in Concert Square!

There are numerous places to eat in Concert Square to enjoy while having a drink. Aside from the extensive drinks menus, there is also numerous venues that serve great food!

Einstein Bier Haus has a german themed menu that serves such things as their signature ‘Einstein Insane’ and various other menu items including light bites and vegetarian options. If you’re here for breakfast, try McCooleys famous Irish Breakfast. McCooleys also has an extensive menu throughout the day.

Let your taste buds explore at Cheers. Situated between Concert Square and Bold Street, you won’t be disappointed with their bold flavours.

You can always eat just outside the square, if you fancy! Peacock Liverpool is just a few moments away and serves some of the best pizzas in the city. To see more information about places to eat in Concert Square, please visit the various venues’ pages. Menu’s are likely to change from time to time, so check back often before visiting to avoid disappointment!

Some shots of the delicious food that Concert Square has to offer.

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mccooleys burger menu
Food at Einstein Bier Haus

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