Cocktail Master-Quiz

Liverpool History Quiz – This quiz contains 69 questions based on some of the history in the city of Liverpool and surrounding areas. Think you know the Liverpool’s heritage? See how many you can get right in this first history quiz edition and check back for more in the future!

#1. Which 2 alcoholic ingredients are in a Cosmopolitan?

#2. What is the main spirit in a Mai Tai?

#3. What are the ingredients in a Tom Collins?

#4. A ‘Rusty Nail’ is typically made up of what?

#5. Sangria traditionally contains chopped fruit, a sweetener(sugar/fruit juice such as orange), brandy and what?

#6. Which drink is typically made up of 2 parts gin & 1 part lime juice?

#7. Which famous cocktail was developed by a bartender at the Raffles Hotel in 1913?

#8. What do you add to turn a plain martini into a dirty martini

#9. Which of these is usually served in a copper mug?

#10. What juice is mixed with champagne to make a Buck’s Fizz?

#11. What is the difference between a Black Russian (BR) and White Russian? (WR)

#12. What’s the primary alcoholic drink in a mint julep?

#13. Which cocktail served unmixed in a tall glass is made of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup?

#14. The classic Old Fashioned contains which of these ingredients?

#15. What is the key ingredient in a Dark’n’Stormy cocktail?

#16. What’s the most popular drink in the UK?

#17. What drink contains vodka, Galliano & orange juice

#18. An Espresso Martini typically contains vodka, espresso, coffee beans, ice & what?

#19. What is the only alcohol in a Pina colada?



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