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Bring on the great Concert Square Indoors!

It’s been a long while since we’ve been able to enjoy a pint inside, but May 17th marks the end of the freezing outdoor pints and the accompanying rain! The indoors of Concert Square has never seemed such a beautiful sight.

Venues in Concert Square Liverpool will be running table service as per the new rules coming into place on May 17th. You can of course still sit outside, but with the indoors open it’ll mean there’s a whole lot more room, and hopefully less of a queue!

The following venues in Concert Square will be opening their indoor spaces:

LEVEL Nightclub will also be opening from Wednesday – May 19th and has a number of seated events coming up so make sure to book tickets!

Those heading to Boston Pool Loft however will still not be able to play the table games. So you’ll have to wait a little longer before having a game of pool or snooker. Phase 2 of the great concert square indoors coming June 2021!

Here’s what the venues socials are saying for the coming week:

LEVEL Nightclub’s Quid’s In Event

Einstein Bier Haus

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Here comes the great Concert Square Indoors